How to Work GarageBand : Check out the Complete Guide

Garageband is an Apple creation to promote the music production and content creation eccentric laptops MacBook. You must have heard of “Final Cut Pro,” right? Yes, it is a part of the content creation eccentric program as well.

The masses do not know much about the program because they are stuck around the Windows eco-system that spread around the world. Microsoft OS available on old computers as well and I wouldn’t say the same thing for Mac OS X.

Requirements of Garageband

Every computer requires filling a certain requirement for an application. We are going to list down the number of features & requirements that every MacBook and Mac PC user must fulfill.

  1. MacBook or Mac PC running Mac OS X Mavericks. Yes, Mavericks edition is the minimum OS requirement. If you are planning to use it on Windows OS, then give up on it.
  2. Minimum, 4 GB RAM, installed on the computer.
  3. 10 GB free space to install the program.
  4. Core 2 Duo clocked at 2.0GHz processor required for the program to run smoothly.

Make sure to fulfill the requirements before you start using it.

Top Features of Garageband

The audio production software from Apple offers excellent features,and we are going to list some of them down.

Drummer Loops

GarageBand 10.2 offers an excellent feature to tweak the music with the Drummer regions & editor.

Remote control

Apple launched Logic Remote iOS app so that you can control garageband pc version from a mobile device. You can pretty much do anything using the app, so distance no longer matters.

Master blaster

While adding effects to the audio file, you can automate the master stereo bus.


GarageBand “self-help” mode offers excellent support to the users when there is confusion.


Apple creation cost around $5 per license,and it does not go away from the iTunes account purchase list. Let us know what do you think about the Garageband in the comment section below.